Sophia the Elusive: About this blog

I have long been dedicated to the pursuit of theology. In the pursuit I have come to find that the high thoughts about God often remain that way, ungrounded in everyday life. I am guilty of allowing my passion to remain in the clouds of speculation. However, the call of wisdom has touched my ears, turning my desire from speculation to seeking the knowledge of God in everyday life.

This seems to be the practice of pursuing Sophia, especially the Sophia of God through Jesus. Wisdom is the framework of creation, determining the rules and ways of all life. It tells us what is good, what is bad, what is order, what is chaos, what gives life, and what brings death. In pursuing Sophia, we learn how to navigate the variables in between these variables that define life.

This blog will be where I will verbalize my pursuit of Lady Sophia, God’s wisdom through Jesus. She is quite elusive.


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